Revitalization: to give new life to

Fairfield Church of the Nazarene is entering an intentional time of seeking new life for our faith community. On January 6, 2019 Pastors Jeff and Evan presented a 2-year plan for church revztialation. The following resources are made available here for learning more and being a fully engaged parter in bringing about new life!

January 6 2019 audio presentation of Revitalization Plan

Frequently Asked Questions
After the January 6 2019 congregational presentation a time of questions and answers was provided. The following is a list of the main questions that were asked and the answers, as additional questions are brought up this section will be updated.

Q: Why are we spending money on remodeling the sanctuary when we are short on funds?
A: The long term health and growth of the church necessitates retooling. The retooling includes remodeling the sanctuary which has an initial financial investment. The initial phase is being paid from a matured CD approved by the board in their November meeting.

Q: The presentation spoke of community partnerships with specific groups, why not others?
A: We have established great relationships with community partners to host support groups that are already established in our community. We currently do not have the resources to independently lead or create those groups. We open our facility to all support groups that align with our mission and vision. Currently we host AA and TOPS.

Q: Can I help by giving to the projects and/or help with the work?
A: Yes! You can designate your giving to the Building Fund or Technology upgrades, mark your giving using these two names. We are always looking for work crews, and information about work days will come out through the all-church email, if you are not on that email list contact the church office at: info @

Q: Why are we proposing this plan as opposed to another plan like selling the building or reuniting with our downtown church, or using another space like the gym?
A: The charter members in 1958 believed that the Holy Spirit impressed on them to have a Nazarene presence in the Bethel Community. We still hold this view today, and believe that our voice is still needed in our community. The work of Fairfield is not over yet! We are moving forward with this specific plan because after much prayer, study and research we believe this plan presents our best opportunity for growth using our current skillset and resources.

Q: The plan mentions a new service on Saturday night, will there be children’s ministry?
A: At this time the service on Saturday night will be about an hour long, and be child friendly. We will offer nursery for children under 3 years old with a background-checked attendant.

Q: The plan mentions a Latino Ministry, what will that look like?
A: We are currently in the planning phases of this ministry and will be working with our district Latino works coordinator, Pastor Tomas Alverez in getting this new ministry started.

Q: Is the 2-year revitalization plan anything more than a minor remodel of the sanctuary?
A: The two year plan is five different points that will bring about transformational change in the community life of the church. The remodel of the sanctuary is intended to facilitate three of the five points: cross-generational ministry, cross-cultural ministry and community partnerships.

How we spend our time in the facility, schedule the church calendar and order the community life of the church will all shift to reflect these priorities. This has already begun with our shift on Wednesday nights to prayer instead of bible study. Our next phase of leadership development will being in March.

Loving God, Loving Each Other in the Bethel-Danebo Neighborhood